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A Ballet Recital and the “40 Corn Row Bun”

A little girl’s first ballet recital:  It’s a big deal.  In honor of the occasion we decided to do a recital-worthy hair style – a ballerina bun.

I planned for 16 flat twists into a bun, but (like usual) the style kind of took control and before I knew it, we were wrist deep in a corn row creation that ended up featuring 40 braids.  FORTY.


The good news is that I officially love corn rows, and corn rowing.  It has taken loads of practice and patience, but I honestly enjoyed braiding each of those 40 little monsters.  What I will not enjoy:  Taking them all out.

Violet and I both love the final result and even though we don’t usually braid directly away from the hairline, styles like these do have their place.  And one of those places is at a ballet recital.

The recital was adorable.  Violet danced to “Kiss the Girl” from the Little Mermaid and was beyond precious.  We brought her flowers, Daniel brought her flowers and a friend brought her flowers… she felt pretty darn special by the time the whole ordeal was over.


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