Daniel / Violet

Glimpses of Heaven

My mom called and told me things weren’t looking good for Grampa – his time had most likely come.

So, I called the kids together and told them that my grampa was very sick, and in the hospital.

They were quiet for a moment, watching my face with their big eyes, and Daniel whispered, “Is he going to die?”

I wasn’t prepared for their response when I said, “Yes, probably.”

They both immediately lit up with the biggest grins I have ever seen, practically jumping up and down, speaking excitedly over each other.

“Mommy, Grampa could meet JESUS today!”

“Grampa is going to get rid of his old skin and his old body… his new body will be perfect!  I bet his skin will be GOLDEN!”

“He could go to heaven RIGHT NOW!  That’s so exciting!!”

“He will never be sad again!  Because in heaven there are no scratches or cuts.  I bet no one ever falls down EVER.  And there is NO PAIN, Mommy.  None.  Zero.”

And suddenly, it was better.  It was good to hear these words.  Words of truth, from the mouths of my babies when so often my adult brain loses perspective.



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