Sole Hope Kids Party!

We are mid Africa month here at the Amaro Academy, and loving every minute of it.  As with each continent we study, the learning opportunities seem ENDLESS.  This week we got creative with our African experience.

A great friend of ours, Carey Bailey, just returned from Uganda on a trip with Sole Hope (amazing organization!), so we invited her over to teach our kiddos about the jigger issue, what groups like Sole Hope are doing to help out and what WE can do to help.  We also invited over a few friends (and their old jeans), put out after school snacks and just made it a fun afternoon of playing, learning and serving.



Carey started by teaching the kids some basic geographical information about Uganda, showing some photos of the Ugandan kids and the jigger removal process, and explaining the shoe construction concept.


We passed around a typical Ugandan snack – mango! – so everyone could try some.


Meanwhile… the moms got to work tracing and cutting out the shoe components.


We had the kids paint in shifts (small kitchen + tons of paint brushes = recipe for disaster) and they decorated the denim pieces however they wanted to.  The moms may or may not have gotten in on the painting action too… ahem.

IMG_1744 IMG_1745



Everyone had fun, learned lots of new information about a big problem and most importantly, DID something as part of the solution.



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