Training Wheels Be Gone

Daniel has always been a scooter kid.  He has ridden a bike a few times, but just always preferred scootering.

After he turned seven, we suddenly felt like delinquent parents for not pushing the no-training-wheels issue.  One trip to Wal-mart later, we were fully equipped to enter a new era, whether Daniel liked it or not.  Ha.

Honestly, I thought it would be tough.  I imagined lots of painful falls, tears (his and mine) and more than a few get-back-on-that-horse speeches.

So you can imagine my surprise when Fernando set Daniel upright on his new bike in the grass, gave him a push and … done.

Just like that.  Training Wheels Be Gone.

I suppose he had the balance from scootering, the coordination from being older and the mechanical interest/understanding of the bike from some recent science studies.  But honestly it just comes down to:  He was ready.

In retrospect, I’m glad we didn’t force the issue.  Just like with learning to read, we could have asked for results earlier.  We could have put him on a bike when he was much younger, and yes, he would have learned earlier.  But I’d bet a lot of money that the transition wouldn’t have been so smooth and that he’d have negative memories associated with learning to ride a two-wheeler.

I am on such a learning curve with this kid.  But all signs point in the same direction:  When asked to bloom on my schedule, he meets expectations.  But when allowed to bloom on his own schedule, he absolutely thrives.

Now, just remind me to remember this the next time I start to worry.  I’m sure it won’t be long.


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