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It Was the Year of…


It was the year of Mumford & Sons, Daft Punk & Zac Brown Band.  The year of Colorado, snow shoeing and sledding.  The year of Spot It, Singing in the Rain and a certain pair of Kratt brothers.  The year of simple pleasures (like new shelves in the library!) and more elaborate pleasures (helloooooo road trips).  The year of my return to Bikram.  The year of The Beard.  The year of completing our first round of home schooling and diving headfirst into year #2.  The year of the White Tanks and the Children’s Museum.  The year of the chapter book (I think we read 43 outloud).  The year of our new Bible study group.  The year of new friends, and discovering that some old friendships truly do stand the test of time.  The year of watching the sun set on the Pacific Ocean and the Grand Canyon.  The year of ballet and taekwondo.  The year of Belize Navidad and “Chad and Jordan Hungary for Turkey”.  The year of Instagram.  The year of smoothie fasts and an introduction to raw food as a lifestyle.  The year of anger management. The year of summertime swimming.  The year of gadgents, mashasages and shushi.  The year of Balboa Park and boogie boarding. The year of kickball and scootering.  The year of puns and it-was-not-on-porpoise jokes.  The year of Portland, San Francisco and Detroit.  The year of Euchre and Munchkin. The year of flashlight tours at the gardens and feeding the birds at the zoo.  The year of missionary stories, the prayer cube and family Bible time at night.  The year of how-many-sleeps-until-Christmas?  The year of visits from Texas.  The year of the nursing home choir.  The year of Violet starting kindergarten math and Daniel learning to read AND swim.  The year of camping with a birthday cake in tow.  The year of hashtags #justkidding. The year of Tucson, Wickenburg, Jerome, Prescott, Williams, Flagstaff and finally learning to love Arizona.  The year of dental drama and the Tooth Mouse.  The year of a new cousin (baby Joshua!) and a new brother in law (Uncle David!).  The year of bunk beds and of still having to move one mattress to the floor so the kids can be even closer together.  The year of a sewing machine and the first few quilts.  The year of circle time and continents.  The year of all-you-need-is-faith (Violet), I-can-have-joy-even-when-life-is-hard (Daniel) and … wait for it… attitudes of gratitude (all of us, especially the turkeys).

The year of being truly, deeply proud and aware of who we are as a family.

The year of asking God to move us forward in 2014, however He wants to.  We are READY.  


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