Daniel / Violet

Christmas Greetings!

Sometimes, a certain blogger-mother-photographer doesn’t write a full post when she should and instead just jots down a rough list of things to include in said blog post when she actually gets around to writing it four months later.  Ahem.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m post-dating this bad boy and sticking to the list I apparently jotted down in December. With my four-months-later notes in italics.  Not because they are fancy.  

  • Nursing home concerts.  These were so fun… choir performances with the seniors and playing with Fernando and the kids for their Christmas Eve lunch entertainment.  
  • Advent re-enactments.  We’d read the Christmas story at night and the kids would act it out with whatever they could grab – a red pillow for Bethlehem, a white pillow for where the shepherds were, an Astroboy figurine for Joseph, a Sleeping Beauty doll for Mary… you get the idea.  
  • Music/Cider/Ambience.  The best part of Christmas.  The atmosphere.  
  • How many sleeps until Christmas?  (Also known as “that time my kids did circle time while I was sleeping”).  They would literally wake up before me, which never happens, and run to the library to do circle time with their calendars to count the days until Christmas.  
  • Christmas Eve at Quito’s church.  I love Christmas Eve services and was SO glad to get to attend one.  Also, Joshua looked EXTREMELY handsome in his tiny little suit.  
  • Sleepover at the Amaros.  Christmas Eve sleepovers are the BEST.  I loved all the years we hosted it at our house, and I loved this year at the Amaros.  
  • Early decoration.  We were fully decorated by early November, with a little help from my folks visiting from Texas.  It might have been a bit TOO early, because…
  • Exhausted whole library of Christmas movies (which is saying something!) before Thanksgiving.  Truly, we ran out of movies to watch.  We felt like Thanksgiving was Christmas, and the rest of December lasted a tiny bit too long.  No offense, Christmas cheer.  
  • Christmas specials on TV (Rockafellar Tree lighting, Sound of Music live).  This was new for us, including the kiddos in some TV holiday specials.  They loved it, especially Daniel, when a bunch of female superstars sang at the tree lighting broadcast.  “She could sing to me at bedtime!”  

There you have it.  My holiday list of favorite memories from Christmas 2013.  The one thing that list is missing:  Christmas Eve Gift.  Because nothing says Christmas cheer like getting WRAPPED into your bedroom by your husband, while you are sleeping.  Ho ho ho!


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