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A Morning Walk: Portland

Usually I only post my photography trip photos to my photography blog.  I like to keep my worlds separate, so to speak.

But these photos make me so happy, I couldn’t resist.

And because even though it was a work-related trip, it was a very personal moment for me.  My stuck-in-the-desert heart aches for these colors and it was therapeutic to stroll under them and breathe them in.

I am of the strong opinion that God was thinking of us (probably me) when he designed the seasons.  He knew how restless and skittish our hearts would be, and how much we would need continual, predicable, beautiful change in our lives.  How much the seasons would not only refresh the earth but calm and feed our souls.

During my latest trip to Portland, I took a beautiful morning walk with a friend.  It was cold (glorious cold!) and beyond beautiful.  I invited my camera along and documented my craving for Fall.  The beauty, the death, the life, the nostalgia, the glory.

I love photographing people.  But these photos make my heart happy.


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