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Turkeys of Gratitude

We aren’t really very crafty people.  I mean, we own a hot glue gun and (just recently) a sewing machine.  But usually my craft projects extend to nothing more than flat pieces of paper we can color/paint/sketch on and then later neatly display or store in an art book.

BUT.  I have crafty friends.  And when one of them told me about this cute idea, we had to try it.

This month we are talking about having an “attitude of gratitude” (so cheesy, I know, but the kids love it).  So we named these little projects “The Gratitude Turkeys”.  The kids painted paper towel roll pieces, picked colors for feathers and thought up the 8 things they were MOST grateful for at that moment.  We stuck on some crazy eyes, glued the whole mess together and are loving the result.


Violet (today) is most thankful for:

  1. Blessings that God gives her
  2. The Christmas Tree
  3. Her House, Bed & Food
  4. Berry Pancakes
  5. Daddy & Mommy
  6. The Bible
  7. Squash (Pretty sure she was thinking of ideas and just saw one across the counter…)
  8. The Bible (Again)


Daniel (today) is most grateful for:

  1. Art
  2. Animals of the World
  3. Reading
  4. His Family
  5. Mountains and Volcanoes
  6. Rocks and the Underground
  7. God
  8. Turkey (Sorry, Mr. Turkey…)


Cute, fun and easy.  And I’m always happy to help my kiddos develop their ability to recognize a blessing when they see (or taste) one!


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