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Quilting: My First Attempts

Mom and Dad came to visit and they brought me an early Christmas present – a sewing machine!

A sweet gift, to be sure, but my brain had mixed emotions.

Here’s how the week went:

First Day: Cold sweat. Memories of a disastrous run of Home Economics in 8th grade. I may not have actually said a cuss word, but I sure was thinking them.

Second Day: Ok, this isn’t so bad. I have only jammed the machine 6 times since yesterday, perhaps it’s warming up to me. I’m thinking of naming it “Jezebel” per Dad’s suggestion.

Third Day: I actually can MAKE things. More pleasant memories are coming to mind… like working on that star quilt with Mema decades ago. (Although I vaguely remember her having to save my sloppy seams more than once…) I notice Dad watching and glowing with a specific I’m-proud-of-you look that I haven’t seen since the King Arthur poster we did in fourth grade (that left glitter in the dining room for a month… Sorry about that, Mom!).

Fourth Day: I am addicted. I am now googling quilting patterns and ideas in my non-existent free time. I wake up thinking of quilting squares and wondering if Joann’s is going to have a sale soon. In yoga class, when I should be thinking of nothing, I am thinking of… you know.

Fifth Day: I have made three quilts in five days. I have four more in planning stages. Fernando asks me if I think I should have a quilting budget. I just laugh deliriously and tell him not to check the bank statement for the past 24 hours.

Sixth Day: I am considering sending apology notes to my photography clients at the very slow turn around of photos. I haven’t sat at my computer for six days.

Seventh Day:  The children are simply going to have to teach themselves this year…

I have quilts to make.

(Pictured in the gallery:  2 tiny practice quilts for Violet and Daniel, 1 baby size quilt for my nephew Joshua, and 1 lap size quilt for a friend!)


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