Daniel / Violet

Flash Ninjas

We often play “musical beds” in our house.  Sometimes I go to sleep alone and wake up with three other humans in my bed.  Or I might wake up on the couch, with Daniel in my bed and Fernando laying with Violet.  Every now and then, by morning, no one is in the master bed and everyone has migrated somewhere else.

This is convenient for us when company comes (Hi, Mom and Dad!) because we can turn the master bedroom/bathroom into the guest quarters and just exist elsewhere in the house.  (This is the only downside to a small house:  No guest room!)

Anyway.  After one such visit from guests, we  were finding creative places to sleep.  Daniel usually sleeps on the top bunk but lately has preferred to have his mattress pulled down to ground level for the night.  We don’t mind, especially because it’s easier to snuggle him in than risking the climb to the top bunk.  (They are IKEA bunk beds, after all… we are realistic about our weight-bearing expectations…)

This morning, Violet and I were up early and snuck into the kids’ room to get something.  I can’t remember what.  But we found the CUTEST scene ever:  The boys, curled up together, in some sort of generational-mirror image position.

We giggled, snuck back out and decided to take a photo of it.  We got the camera, attached the flash and realized that we were going to tick off two boys pretty badly by waking them up with flash.  We would only have one shot (ha ha… one shot… get it?…)

So, we practiced.  Violet laid down in the library, doing her best to look like a sleeping Daniel and I made sure the flash settings were functional.

Practice Shot:


We snuck back into the kids’ room, took the shot and bolted as fast as we could, giggling like two conspiratorial camera ninjas.  Mission accomplished.


Aren’t they cute??


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