Daniel / Violet

A Halloween Tradition



It’s one of my favorite family traditions (which is strange, since I’m not generally a Halloween fan!):  The Amaro Halloween Bash.

Here are the rules.

1)  You must dress up.  Ridiculous amounts of dressing up.  Halfway won’t cut it.  (Watching a grown man in a banana suit open the door for trick or treaters was possibly the highlight of my entire year.)

2)  You must make an entrance.  A grand entrance.  A planned out grand entrance.

3)  You must take a lot of photos of costumes during the first 15 minutes of the party, after which you are allowed to change/shed as much of your costume as you’d like.

4)  You must bring food and eat a lot.  Or else we are stuck with all the leftovers.

5)  You must take the games very seriously.  Whether it is bobbing for apples, TP mummy wrapping, bean bag tossing, or monster-egg-on-a-spoon racing, it is serious business.  (On a related note:  I am noticing just how many competitive people we have in our family… quite a few…)

Happy Halloween from the Amaros!


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