Daniel / Violet

Halloween Costumes FTW

What happens when you swing by a second hand shop for a pair of shoes that actually FITS your daughter (hello, growth spurt) and spot a rack of crazy cheap used Halloween costumes in the back?

You buy Halloween costumes.  That’s what happens.

Thankfully, Daniel and Violet fell in LOVE with some of the costumes and with a few creative additions, they were ready to go.

Violet was “Purple Jasmine”.  We added gold anklets and bracelets made from gold pipe cleaners, jingle bells and gold hair beads.  (Her anklets had tons of bells, but she informed me that she would like to “order” her bracelets with only one bell each.)  Another string of beads made the perfect headdress and she was a happy, happy camper.  Uh, princess.

Daniel was a “Power Ranger Samurai”.  We don’t actually watch power rangers, or know anything about them, but he liked the muscles.  Simple as that.  We found a mask and a light up sword somewhere else (not sure where… that was on Fernando’s watch) and he was one happy power-ranger-samurai-guy.

They tried them the day before Halloween to “practice” wearing them.  A dress rehearsal of sorts.  And I’m telling you… those jingling anklets are genius.  I knew exactly where she was at all times.  This might become a permanent addition to Violet’s wardrobe.  🙂


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