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What I’ll (Actually) Remember

Today at Amaro Academy, technically, we covered the following:

Spelling practice (s vs. es on plurals), calendar practice, fractions, geography (Asia!), some fun words in Chinese (BOO she, Mommy!), handwriting, reading, community outreach at a nursing home, grocery shopping outing, ancient Egypt history, the end of a fun chapter book (goodbye, Little Pear!), climate adaptations for Arctic animals, some why/how/etc about ocean waves and currents, basic plant biology (our beans sprouted!), and a few other random science experiments involving frozen condiments.  Don’t ask.

Looks pretty impressive when I write it all out like that.  (Trust me on this:  It didn’t feel impressive in the moment.)


All of that is already on it’s way to being forgotten.  By me and honestly, also by my kids.  It’s simply not what matters, and it’s helpful to articulate that sometimes.  So here I am articulating, I suppose.

Here is what I WILL remember from today:

Miss Beverly sneaking Violet a piece of Werther’s Candy at the nursing home.

Daniel discovering a cloud shaped like Australia.

Violet’s pure-joy face when she discovered the veins on a spinach leaf.

Daniel’s “heiroglyphics” scroll of my favorite things.

Violet’s alternate identity at the grocery store (Miriam, a 30 year old ninja who works at Sprouts, likes to eat chicken and sometimes does flamenco dance in Spain.)

The way they stuck their feet in the bathtub to play with our homemade iceberg.

The smell of pancakes on a fall morning.

The ditching-of-all-other-plans to test out the new playground down the street.

And, when it comes down to it, I suppose these are the things that will matter in the long run.

It was a good day.



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