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Letter of the Week Art

As we are gearing up for our second year of homeschooling, we are packing up and organizing all the fun from last year.  And let me tell you… it’s a bit nostalgic.  I am amazed at all that has happened over the past 12 months.  We are different people than we were when we started this process.  We are praying differently.  We are using our minutes differently.  We are valuing different things.

Glancing through these “Letter of the Week” art projects flooded me with a million tiny memories I had already forgotten.

It has been a good, good year.

By way of explanation:

Part of Violet’s preschool experience included a “letter of the week” theme in which we just took one letter at a time (in a completely random order that we made up as we went along) and had some fun with it.  After a week or two of games/exploration/themed activities, we all brainstormed an art project together and got to creating.

I also created a pinterest board with these photos in the hopes of encouraging other homeschool families!


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