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Homeschool Overview: Year #2

Ok.  It’s not like we’re going to stick to just this, and its certainly not like my current plans will all work out.

BUT.  For now.

Here is some of what’s in store for the Amaro Academy for our second year:

Daniel (6 years old, 1st grade) & Violet (4 years old, Pre-K)

IMG_9721  IMG_9744


BIBLE: Our approach to Bible will have three components:  1) A continuation of daily Ergermeier’s Story Bible (AMAZING family resource, by the way!), 2) An introduction of Leading Little Ones to the Lord (Sonlight resource), and 3) A continuation of verse of the week, with artwork and silly song to go along.  This is far an away the most important component of our homeschooling!

HISTORY/LITERATURE: Sonlight Core B (Violet did so well hanging with us for Core A that I’m going to include her in Core B even though it’s well above her age level.)  This includes chapter books, encyclopedias, history books, additional literature etc.  Complete book list is here.   Basically, it’s world history for kids from the creation of the world up through the fall of Rome.  On our own, we will be doing lots of play/learning regarding maps and world geography so this will work out well.

PHONICS/READING: Sonlight includes a language arts program for Daniel, including weekly spelling words, copy work and plenty of readers.  I imagine we’ll end up going our own direction on the readers, but it will be a good place to start.  For Violet, a friend recently pointed us to Starfall.com (a free and fabulous phonics resource) and we have a number of apps on the iPad we’ll be using.  I’m considering purchasing the primers to Explode the Code, but I haven’t just yet.
SCIENCE: Again, Sonlight to the rescue.  We’ll be using Science A (more info here) which includes a bunch of science-related books, weekly experiments, and lots of hands on fun in the areas of Biology, Earth Science and Physics.  As usual, life IS science for us, so this won’t be the limit of what we’ll be learning.
GEOGRAPHY:This year we are basing our “circle times” and general learning on geography:  one continent a month, roughly.  That should give us time to play with maps, fun facts, related books/movies, and lots and lots of National Geographic photos.  The kids and I are very geography oriented, so I’m looking forward to this!
HANDWRITING: Handwriting without Tears is technically a Kindergarten resource, but Daniel is still trying to unlearn some of the incorrect letter formation he was taught in preschool.  So we’ll be going through some remedial handwriting at least during the start of the year.
SOCIAL STUDIES: Like last year, social studies will mostly be brought to us via magazines!  We’ll be reading through monthly editions of National Geographic Kids Magazine and God’s World News Magazine, along with our local newspaper from time to time.
EXTRA READING/FUN: Magazines are fun treats around here, so we have subscriptions ready to go for High Five (Violet), Highlights (Daniel), and Zoobooks (both of them, but let’s be honest… mostly Daniel).
MATH/LOGIC: Critical Thinking Co wowed us last year, so we’ll be continuing with them this year.  Daniel will be using the 1st grade complete curriculum for Mathematical Reasoning, and Violet will be using the Pre-K level.  If they finish early, Violet will move straight into the K level a bit early, and we may try out Horizons Grade 1 for Daniel to see how it compares to Critical Thinking.
SPANISH: Salsa Spanish will be our resource for Spanish – it is a free resource from Georgia Public Broadcasting and looks like it will be so fun for the kids.  Weekly puppet show type episodes, with an emphasis on conversation and basic vocabulary.
PIANO: We may or may not start piano this year, but if we do, I have Bastien Piano Party books ready to go.  I’d like the kids to show interest first, but it might be more practical to let them do a few lessons before I expect them to show interest!
So there you go.  What we’ll be up to this year… at least for the first few weeks before we start changing our minds!

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