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Science Bottles

When you are four and six years old, science is life.  Life is science.  And when you can trap that science in a plastic bottle and stare at it with a magnifying glass… even better.

Yesterday’s science fun:  Science bottles.  Also called sensory bottles. We had done a few of these bottles earlier in the year and the kids play with them constantly and show them off to guests (which, really, is the true sign of what they enjoy!).  So we collected a few bottles – yes, I actually poured really-bad-for-you drinks down the drain just to use the bottles – and made a few more. The inspiration came from Pinterest (which I really should use more often – it’s such a great resource for homeschooling/crafty ideas).

The original link is here and there are many more ideas than just the few bottles we did, along with tips (ie:  hot glue the caps on!!). Pictured below, our bottles:

  1. Purple bubbles.  (Red & blue food coloring, squirt of soap.)
  2. Mud bubble.  (Dirt, rocks, water and a plastic fly that sometimes surfaces.)
  3. Small “salt and pepper” glitter bottle.  (Corn syrup, glitter, beads.)
  4. Rain bottle.  (Tooth picks and rice.)
  5. Ocean wave.  (Blue colored water, vegetable oil.)
  6. Green bubbles.  (Yellow and blue food coloring, squirt of soap.)
  7. Giant glitter bottle.  (Corn syrup, glitter, beads, plastic octopus that camoflauges.)


The kitchen was a disaster.  Dirt and rocks everywhere.  Hot glue strands wafting in the AC breeze.  Glitter in more places than you really need to know about.  But it was a blast to roll up our sleeves and make these bottles together, to trouble-shoot as we went along (This funnel is too small!  Grab a piece of paper and let’s make one ourselves…!)

I think we’ll just keep adding to the collection every few months and see how much cabinet space we can take up with these bottles by Christmas.

(My favorite part of the day:  Daniel and Violet had been taking turns wearing the science goggles, and Daniel kept running to the bathroom to clean them.  He is so particular about things like that.  After a few trips, he puts them back on and says to me, “Can’t I just clean them like this?  With them on?”  And he grabs the sprayer hose at the kitchen sink.  We didn’t think he’d do it, Mr. Likes-To-Keep-Clean.  But sure enough, he leaned his head over the sink and sprayed himself in the face for a few minutes.  After completely drenching himself, he takes the goggles off and sputters, “That. Was. Awesome!!!!”  It was totally worth the clean up!)


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