Treasures on Scrap Paper

I fall squarely between the categories of “neat freak” and “total disaster”.  There is method to my madness, but often I find that life flies by too quickly to do what I should do at that moment.  Like draft a blog when something absolutely adorable happens.  So I’ll grab a piece of scrap paper, jot down the quote or something about the moment and toss it in the general direction of my computer, mumbling a promise to myself to type it up later.

Today I found two little scrap papers from years ago and couldn’t bear to toss them in the trash until I typed them up.  They are both Daniel quotes from about two years ago.

One just says, “Mommy, do you know what I love more than lights?  God.  Not the fake gods, they don’t have powers.  The REAL God has ALL the power.  I love him.”  

The other is a transcript of a little conversation Daniel was apparently having with me/himself while he was eating a snack.  For the record, I have no idea what the green gooey stuff in the car was.  But I’m not surprised at all that there was green gooey stuff in the car.

(Daniel takes a drink of milk.)

“We have to clean the green gooey stuff out of the car because we might slip and fall down.”

(Bite of cookie, chews thoughtfully.)

“That’s not good – to fall down.  You know, sometimes animals get stuck in the rain forest.”

(Another bite.)

“Sometimes when I am five I will go save them.  But I will come right back, Mommy, right back to Earth.”

(Last bite.)

“You know, Mommy, I love you.”  



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