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Summer Plans

Summer is an interesting bag when you are a homeschool family.  We aren’t really a “school is in session/school is not in session” kind of people, so there will honestly not be that much difference between summer days and all-the-other-seasons-days.

Except there will be a prolific amount of pool time.

We did find a fun little summer program at our local movie theatre that let’s us go every week to a different show for a ridiculously small amount of money ($5 total for all ten movies).  The movies aren’t brand new, but they are mostly good and the theater experience never gets old so we’ll happily add this to our weekly routine.

Photo Jun 07, 7 00 36 PM Photo Jun 08, 7 33 01 AM

We are taking a break from Violet’s ballet classes this summer (because they are closed) and also from Daniel’s Taekwondo classes (because we want to) to give us a little less structure and a little more breathing room.

We have a few letters to finish up in our letter-of-the-week units, a few chapter books to get through and a few more writing pages before we are technically caught up on our first school year… so I imagine we’ll do those items along with some extra fun summer science, puzzles, games and whatever else comes to mind.  There are lots of cute lists circulating (like this one) that I’ll snag some fun ideas from.

A few other fun things on my list:  After-dark flashlight tours of the botanical gardens, more trips to the Children’s Museum before our membership expires, some early (early) morning hiking at the White Tanks, the local library’s summer reading program, visits to every splash pad in town, and a Science Center day when Sesame Street’s “The Body” exhibit is there in July.  Because nothing says “summer fun” like Bert and Ernie teaching about the digestive system.

I’m already in next-year-planning mode (and having way too much fun, I might add) so a fair share of the next few weeks will be devoted to preparations for 1st grade and Pre-K.  A friend is helping me build shelving in our library/office closet to better organize my homeschool piles that are overtaking our house.  Praise the Lord.

We’ll be welcoming a new nephew at the end of this month (yeah!!!) and celebrating at a big family wedding just a week later, so the family time will be ample.  We already enjoyed a few weeks in Texas with my side of the family, so we are off to a good start in that department.

I’m guessing a spontaneous trip (or two or three) to the California coast might happen at some point too.  Just saying.

I guess you’re never too old to dream about summer fun… 🙂


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