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Flat Twist French Braid

IMG_0883 IMG_0840 IMG_0849

This style concept happened by accident (don’t they all?) but has become a favorite in our hair repertoire since we accidentally created it last year.  With a whole slew of swimming heading our way this week, we knew we needed something close-to-the-head that wouldn’t give the swim cap any trouble.  And since the thermometer is spiking over 110 degrees this week, Violet asked for a style that was off of her neck and cool.

The original version of this syle is featured on one of our favorite hair blogs, Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care, and is even included in their hair gallery in this post.  (If you had seen my very first attempts at twisting Violet’s hair, you’d know why this makes me so proud…!)

But it had been a while since we had used this style, so we spruced it up a bit with extra flat twists and more/smaller sections.  The result is striking and Violet absolutely loves this look.  (It’s still amazing to me how much her appearance changes with each new hairstyle.)  She ran to the bathroom mirror when I was finished, threw her arms open wide and declared, “This is perfect!”

Which is exactly what a tired mama needed to hear at that exact moment.


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