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“Before it gets too hot…”

A phrase you’ll hear a lot in Arizona:  “We need to go ahead and ______ before it gets too hot.”  Because the triple digits are like NINJAS.  They’ll be on your before you can blink twice.

So, while the recent weather has been excellent, we have made the most of it.

We already hiked often, but we upped our game significantly.  Hellllooooo, White Tanks… complete with wildflowers, a waterfall trail WITH a waterfall, and a few trips with friends.

We also spent a day at Enchanted Island, and old little theme park in the middle of Phoenix.  Run down?  Totally.  More than a little ghetto?  Yes.  One of the best days ever?  Absolutely.  My kids LOVED it and everything was just their size/speed.

Photo Apr 12, 7 01 05 AM

We frequent the local parks, but like to shake it up a bit sometimes.  For example, by wearing Super Hero costumes.  And this particular day, it wasn’t just the park… it was for the whole day.  I love my kids.

And aside from special excursions downtown, to the zoo, etc., in general we are just outside all the stinking time.  We read books on picnic blankets.  We play frisbee and fly kites.  We often eat outdoors.  We bring toys outside and play there.  The kids drag me to various parks at various hours, and we kick off our shoes and contemplate the cool grass between our toes.

These are the days we love Arizona.  The cool breezes temper the sun, but the smell of summer is in the air.


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