The Non-Ask


Children are so creative.  In the wake of being told not to repeatedly ask for treats/special events/etc, but to instead just let us bless them, they developed a new technique.  And by “they” I mean Daniel.  Violet is a quick learner though.

Falling somewhere between reverse psychology and self-preservation, we have dubbed it the “Non-Ask”.

A few examples:

“I’m NOT going to ask for that chocolate bar.”

“Mommy, I’m definitely NOT going to have orange juice for breakfast.”

“We’re NOT watching another movie… right?”

But the whole time, their eyes are locked on mine for any sign of hesitation on my part.  Any flinch, any blink that lets them know perhaps they WILL get what they want.

It’s an interesting thing to watch, and to see that 99% of the time they know exactly what I would do and what is really best for them.  Usually we just say “right!” and move on.  Or ask them if they have a direct question they’d like to ask us, instead of hinting at things (Believe it or not, I really am trying hard not to raise passive aggressive kiddos!).

However long it lasts, it’s an entertaining little stage for sure!


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