Daniel / Violet

Easter + Eggs

IMG_2643Easter has never been my favorite holiday, even from childhood.  I’m not sure why, honestly.  I love eating eggs.  I love decorating eggs.  I love looking for eggs.  I love hiding eggs.  I love creating egg salad sandwiches out of the eggs I have hidden and/or looked for.

I also love Jesus.  And the cross.  And the resurrection.  And all things related to Jesus and the cross and the resurrection.

I’m just not typically a fan of Easter.

But this year, Easter was good to us.  It began on Friday morning (for us work-at-a-church-families, Easter is a three day event, not just one day…).  I had served breakfast to my family and was in the kitchen cleaning up when I overheard the conversation.  It was Fernando telling them the story of the resurrection.  And it’s not like telling Bible stories is a rare thing – it happens daily, usually more than once a day in our house.

But this one was different.  The kids were on the edge of the seats, absolutely invested in every word Fernando was saying, rooting for Jesus to pull through and somehow save the day.  I know they know how the story ends, but there was something precious about hearing them hear the Good News.

After breakfast we absolutely sabotaged a few dozen hard-boiled eggs with a Paas color kit (I’m confident that we did everything wrong – our pastel eggs should have been bright but the brights only happened if we left those eggs in for HOURS) I finally turned the kids loose with some stickers and markers.  The results were the most creative and precious MESSES I have ever seen.  I nearly photographed each egg individually to remember the sweet chaos of each one.  Nearly.

And after that, it was a whirlwind.  There were six church services on three different days inside of 48 hours.  Two Easter outfits for each kid.  Easter cards from Gramma and Tex.  Dinner with the Arizona family. Egg hunts in Mema & Papa’s backyard.  Dogs trying to eat the eggs.  Bowties.  Gold shoes.  (And let’s not forget the shopping escapades for both the bowtie shirts and the gold shoes.)  There were glorious naps, and Violet begging for a nap: “… and THIS is what I have been waiting for alllll day, Mommy.  Good night!”)

I think it was my favorite Easter ever.

3-31-13 Easter Sunday en casa (23) 3-31-13 Easter Sunday en casa (24)


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