The Letter Z

Hello most difficult letter ever. Z. Really, it SOUNDS like an interesting letter. But once you get going, there’s just not a lot there.

Photo Apr 15, 1 15 11 AM Photo Apr 15, 1 16 02 AM

A few favorite moments:

Z is for Zoo. We enjoyed a beautiful day at the Phoenix Zoo with friends, taking in as many exhibits as possible.

Z is for Zebra. While at the zoo, we were able to see a mama zebra with her new babies (so cute!) which led to lots of zebra conversation and imagination games.

Z is for Zebra… and Tinga Tinga. Our newest favorite TV show are 12 minute little minis, each featuring an African animal and the Tinga Tinga legend of how that animal came to be the way it is. Why the Zebra has stripes, etc.

Z is for Zaire and Zimbabwe. We printed a coloring page map of Africa, pulled out our big map and as I called out each country (Z countries first!) the kids had to find it on the big map, then on their map and color it in. It was a surprisingly fun project that has led to a few other continents being explored in this way.

Z is for Z centers. As in, we did centers with Z pages. Some zig zag practicing, magnets on Z shapes, dot paints over Z shapes, etc.

Z is for… nothing good at the library, really. An exhausted Fernando came home with a big pile of “anything and everything” books instead of Z books. But we found some favorites and wore out the entire stack by the week’s end. The “Mouse and the Mole” series was delightful… “The Dancing Tiger” made me cry (repeatedly)… “Underground” and “Diary of a Worm” were kid favorites – we discussed worms all week… “Birdsong” and “Out of the Egg” were other favorites as well. “Alphabet City” led to a giant family project downtown. And more. You can’t go wrong with a big pile of whatever from the library.

Z is for Z words. We explored a children’s dictionary to find what else we were missing… and a few brief conversations about zepellins and zithers ensued. I told you this letter was a winner.

Z is for Zipper. Yes, we practiced zipping things up and down. That’s how exciting this week was.

Z is for Zucchini. We ate some.

Z is for ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Next letter please.   



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