Ballet Beginnings

I spent a good portion of my childhood in a ballet studio.  For better and (mostly) worse, it defined a lot of who I am today.  I have a love/hate relationship with these memories, so I was more than a little nervous about Violet’s interest in dance.  

We scoped out the options.  Between dance and gymnastics, she was clear:  Dance.  And not just any dance, it had to be ballet.  And the options for ballet in our neck of the woods are mostly studios that let the kiddos wear insanely flashy outfits, pounds of makeup and have them compete with other ballet studios.  No thank you.  

When we stumbled upon the West Valley Conservatory of Ballet, I was floored.  Not only was it extremely affordable, but it was classical training.  Modest uniforms.  Age appropriate classes.  AND they had a homeschool schedule.  Yes, please.  

So, we loaded up our little dancer and headed in for our first “creative movement” class.  I hovered like a helicopter mom at the tiny door window to watch and fought back tears more than once.  She was so graceful, so sweet.  

(And when did I become a “ballet mom”?  The minivan mocked me from the parking lot…) 

Violet did extremely well and (literally) flew out the door at the end, knocking me over, yelling “I LOVED IT!!”  

Here we go…


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