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Repeat Style: Mini-Braids

IMG_8949 IMG_8943 IMG_8997IMG_8994 IMG_9005

Our absolute-favorite-go-to-in-a-pinch style.  We love mini-braids for all the reasons I always write about in these posts.  Versatility.  Longevity.  Shake-a-bility… you know, all the important reasons for a 3-year-old.

This time we did a section of cornrows in the front to add a little interest and also keep the braids out of Violet’s eyes.  On two of the cornrows, I split the braids into two separate braids (and probably wouldn’t do that again… it was an attempt to add fullness to that side of her head but instead the lines just looked a bit awkward!)

Regardless, Miss V was a happy camper.  I love how each style brings out differently aspects of her personality.  Braids seem to make her feel comfortable, relaxed and absolutely herself.


2 thoughts on “Repeat Style: Mini-Braids

    • I think it varies by child/stylist! For us, the box braids (the tiny ones) take less time to put in than box braids but WAY longer to take out. Yarn twists generally last us 3-4 weeks and box braids can last 2ish, occasionally longer. It all depends on how small the sections are – braids or twists – the smaller the sections, the longer they last (usually).

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