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The Letter M

Hello most amazing letter ever. M. We could have played with the letter M for months on end, but ended up cutting it off after three weeks. There are 10 more letters that need our attention, after all.


A few favorite moments:

M is for Music – We listened to tons of different styles of music this week, and focused on classical music for a few days. One of the library books was an instrument encyclopedia, so we looked at them individually. One of my favorite moments was when we pulled out my old violin and taught the kids to hold it and play a few notes. Another fabulous moment was watching the kids watch their first Michael Jackson video…

M is for Mountains – We spent a few mornings hiking our local mountain range, enjoying longer hikes and the fact that the wildflowers were starting to pop up everywhere. The kids are becoming great hikers!

M is for Museum – We headed to the children’s museum for a day of play and also caught a fun show while we were there – it was a bilingual musical presentation and book reading.

M is for Money – After the kids received $1 each for Valentine’s Day (thanks to Gramma and Tex!) we talked about monetary values and tax again and headed to the local Dollar Store. Daniel picked a bubble-blowing-gun and Violet found little bottles for her baby dolls.

M is for Montana/Minnesota/Maine/Mississippi/Maryland/Massachusetts/Missouri/Michigan – Lots of games on maps (which also starts with M…) and puzzles with the USA to local the eight M states. We received a postcard from friends in Maine too, which we happily reciprocated with a postcard from a local nature center.

M is for Mandarins – And lots of other citrus fruits. We found a local “U-Pick It” Citrus Grove and had a blast spending a few hours picking our own fruit. We found oranges, grapefruits, tangelos, tangerines, mandarins, lemons, limes and more. Can’t wait to do this one again!

M is for Mukutu’s Island – I had a photography session in the far east valley, and Fernando and the kids joined me for a day trip. While I worked, they played at a new favorite spot: Mukutu’s Island – a huge rainforest play space.

M is for M Books – Fernando brought home a huge assortment of wonderful M books. A few favorites: Today is Monday, Mustache!, How much is a million?, Monsters love color, On Market Street, Violet’s music, Library Mouse: A museum adventure, Mole Music, The girl who never made mistakes, The Wing Wing brothers carnival de math… and so many more. We learned about macaws, marsupials, mammals and more.

M is for Monsters Inc – and other M movies. And Movies in generals, I suppose.

M is for M&M – A treat for the kids – M&Ms were the smash hit of the week with a cute M&M graphing activity.

M is for Mask Art – At a play date, we decorated wooden masks of different shapes.

M is for Monster – Lots of monster play in general, and the theme of our wall art.

M is for Muffins – Daniel helped bake banana muffins from start to finish.

M is for Memory – We played more than our share of games of memory – it’s amazing how good the kids are! 


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