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A Monsoon Moment

The reasons why I love homeschooling are as nuanced and plentiful as the reasons why I love my family.  We are too complicated/multi-faceted/inter-connected/layered to adequately contain in a blog, and I have long given up trying to accomplish anything other than scratch the surface of this precious moment we are living in.

Rain isn’t a common occurrence here in the desert.  Obviously.  So when it does happen to, well, happen, memories are usually made.  Today we were in the middle of some pile of library books (or craft, or map game, or fort building, or or or…) when the monsoon hit hard.  I love that we were able to drop everything and run for the nearest window.  We sat in silence for a while just taking in the power of the storm.  Fernando answered questions and explained a bit about monsoons and we just enjoyed the moment.  All of us crammed on Violet’s bed, experiencing something together.  In close quarters.  The way we like it.

IMG_8728 IMG_8738

I love that when life interrupts, it’s not an interruption at all – just a change of direction in our ongoing conversation about life.


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