Hair / Violet

A Rainbow Bead “Headband”

Violet’s requests for this style were as follows:  Beads, Rainbow Colors, Short Hair, Something ‘Princess-y’.  After a few weeks of yarn twists, she was ready to shake things up a bit!

I have been researching traditional Ethiopian hairstyles, especially from the region she was born in, and one of the trends I’m noticing is tiny cornrows up front with free hair in back.  I have a few of these styles in mind to try out on Violet, but our current one appears to have been subconsciously inspired by what I’m learning about Ethiopian culture.  The rainbow beads, however, just happened because I felt like making a rainbow on her head.


We banded her hair overnight (after washing, detangling, conditioning) and so her curl pattern in these photos is a bit more stretched out than it would usually appear.  The actual braiding didn’t take very long (20 cornrows total) but the beads/rubber banding took a bit of time.  I simply beaded the two beads onto the braid, then attached it with a rubber band to a small chunk of hair right behind the braid.  I thought these were black bands but apparently grabbed the brown ones by accident, thankfully it’s not that noticeable in person.

A fun side note:  The red jumper she is wearing is one my dad handmade decades ago.  There is even a sweet little label he stitched into the back that says, “Handmade by Gale Lawler”.  Also, the rainbow quilt in these photos is one my parents made for me when I was very young… this mini-photo shoot ended up being a bit sentimental!

Update: Miss V and this fun style were featured on one of our favorite hair blogs!


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