The Transformation

I suppose “transformation” may be a bit dramatic a word for a post about a hair cut.  Then again, Daniel had some mighty fine flowing locks a few hours ago that have since vanished.  He looks like a different kid.

Photo Mar 07, 10 52 39 PM  Photo Mar 07, 10 53 23 PM

It’s one of my favorite hypocritical soapboxes:  I have made it very clear that my kids can choose they way they wear their hair.  They can control so little in their own worlds, this is an area they should be able to control.  You know, as long as I’m cool with their choice.  (I told you it was hypocritical.)

Violet gets to choose (or at least collaborate) on styles, and Daniel is constantly given the choice between long and short hair.  He has chosen long hair for the past year without even considering the alternative.

I got wise last week and realized that he hates hair cuts just about as much as he loves long hair.  Which would be a fabulous recipe for amazing Samson-esque locks year round except that we don’t live in Maine.  And it has already started getting pretty warm here in the desert (read:  sweaty boy with a very sweaty head).

So I told Daniel that one way or the other we were going to have a hair cut.  If he wanted it long, it just needed to be trimmed up a bit.  If he wanted it short, that’s fine too.  Medium was ok too.  He thought about it for a few days and came up with the following requirements:  Off the neck, out of the eyes, still covering the ears.  Not gonna lie – my first mental picture wasn’t pretty.

He didn’t complain once during the hair cut, too absorbed in Kung Fu Panda to notice much else.  The stylist did a great job with Daniel’s requirements and put up with an emotional (or at least over-bearing) mom.  As she chopped away, Daniel began to look much younger – baby-faced, even.  But then when he stood up at the end I about passed out – he looks extra tall and lean – like the six year old he (somehow) has become.

Violet objected (“But WHY did you cut it?  I LIKED it long!!”) until we reminded her that she changes her look every week without consulting with Daniel first.  The rest of us love it and can’t seem to stop admiring it.  I’m hoping he chooses to keep it medium/short during the Summer and grow it back long again over the Winter.

You know, if that’s what Daniel wants.  Because I’d never force my opinions on him…


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