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The Magnetic Bible Wall

Starting last September, we have been reading through the Old Testament with a great story Bible designed for families.  Fernando usually reads to us before the kids’ bedtime and it is amazing how attached the kids have both become to this tradition.  If it’s extra late and we decide to just pray and tuck them into bed, the kids all but revolt:  “Wait – we aren’t going to read the Bible??!  Why?!!”  “But HOW am I going to learn about God if we don’t read it?!”  “Pinky promise just one story!!”

In order to keep their brains (and our brains) wrapped around what we have learned and the general flow of the Old Testament, we created “The Bible Wall” in their bedroom.  When we originally painted the room, we used a layer of magnetic paint under the green wall so it ended up working well.  We purchased business card magnets with sticky fronts (great idea, Dad!) and cut cardstock to size.  Using hearts to symbolize marriage, peach lines to symbolize the passage of large amounts of time and brown lines to symbolize a parent/child relationship, we roughly document what we read as we read it.  The general lines flow left to right – we are on row two now.


Where we are currently:  All last week we read about the fiascos of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel and last night Elijah took to heaven via angelic chariot.  Starting tonight, it’s up to Elisha.

The wall isn’t absolutely thorough/correct (for example: we listed Noah without listing his family members; we placed Lot near Abraham without going into detail about his family; we only listed a handful of the judges of Israel; some of the magnet lines fall off randomly; prophets and random relatives just kind of hang around without being attached to anyone, etc).  We only have so much wall space, people, and the Bible we are reading from isn’t 100% comprehensive.


But the general flow is correct and it’s honestly the first time in MY life that I’m understanding the connections that run rampant through the Old Testament.  I’m seeing themes and bigger picture items that I’ve managed to miss my entire life.  No, I don’t expect the kids to memorize or even remember long term everything we’re reading.  This is foundation – and I imagine we’ll keep doing it through the years in various forms so that there won’t be a time they didn’t know about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

And honestly, I can’t think of a better foundation to give our kiddos.


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