Little Man Is 6

It gets tiring, doesn’t it?  Listening to every parent say “I can’t believe my child is ## years old!”

And yet it doesn’t keep those words from escaping MY mouth every time my babies hit a new numerical milestone.


Daniel turned six.  “I can’t believe my child is six years old!”  Truly.

We celebrated in an assortment of ways including (but not limited to) the following:

  • A surprise visit to the SeaLife aquarium, one of his favorite digs.
  • A surprise visit to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch, which included a surprise song (by the Rainforest Cafe staff, naturally) and a volcano birthday cake.  He is still talking about the cake.
  • A surprise gift:  A fish tank.  Glow in the dark fish, because his parents are cool.
  • A surprise dinner with some aunts, uncles and best buddies with the actual yelling of the word “surprise!!”.


He loved all of it, and tells everyone who will listen that he “is-six-years-old-and-had-a-volcano-cake-and-now-has-three-fish-that-glow-in-the-dark-who-are-all-named-fire-fish.”  In case you were wondering, he can’t tell the fish apart.  Hence them all having the same name.  I’m fairly certain those little glowing dudes will earn themselves their own blog post sometime soon.

For now, I’ll save my rant about how old he is getting, how much he is changing and how proud I am of him for another post.  It’s all desperately true, but currently, I’m all birthday-ed out.


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