The Letter Q

This week’s letter was “Q”. With a letter as under-used as this one, it was always going to be an interesting few days. I was actually surprised at the amount of fun stuff we wound up doing.

A few favorite moments:

Q is for Quintuplets – Yes, we had this discussing. It is also for Quadruplets. I believe we were eating cucumbers when this one came up, and we used cucumber rounds to symbolize baby heads. No lie.

Q is for Queen – We play pretend with the concept of queen (quite!) often, but this week we looked up videos of the BBC Symphony Orchestra playing “God Save the Queen”, photos and information of Queen Elizabeth II herself and what a monarchy is, exactly.

Q is for Q-Tip painting – This ended up being a lot of fun, and we created little valentine hearts for Daddy and a few friends. Q-Tips make excellent paint brushes (and color mixers!).

Q is for Quesadilla – A staple on our table, we celebrated the fabulous-ness of this tasty dish.

Q is for Quarter – We talked about monetary quarters AND fractional quarters. When we were baking, we used ¼ cups for everything.

Q is for Quilt – We based our art project on this idea and read a bunch of great books about quilts. My family actively quilts, so we looked at a few of the quilts my parents and grandparents had made and discussed what defined them as quilts.  Side note:  We LOVED the book The Quiltmaker’s Gift.  We read it over and over throughout the week – such a beautiful message and such magical illustrations.  We’ll be looking to own this one soon! 

Q is for Quack – The library wasn’t overflowing with amazing Q books, and most of them involved little duckies saying Quack.  Or crickets moving quietly.  So we read quite (quite!) a few of those.

Q is for Quail – My absolute favorite moment of the week happened while Daniel and I were bird watching quietly (quietly!) in the backyard. We were watching some playful finches when suddenly (for the first time EVER) we saw a quail walking along the back fence. He was HUGE and beautiful – striking colors – and Daniel managed to stay quiet when he saw him, but squeezed the life out of my forearm in his excitement. He walked for a while, then hopped into a tree and began singing/calling – it was absolutely beautiful and such a special moment.

Q is for Queen – As in, the band. We listened to Queen for a while one morning (select songs) and then switched to Queenie Was a Blonde (from The Wild Party) for about twenty seconds until I remembered what that song was about. Then Q was for “quickly” changing the song.

Q is also for Quit. As in, we are quitting this letter early to celebrate Daniel’s birthday… 🙂 

Photo Feb 12, 4 07 21 PM Photo Feb 25, 7 51 03 PM


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