Hair / Violet

Yarn Twists with Color

Yarn twists are one of my absolute favorite things that we do.  They take a bit longer than other styles, but are well worth it in my book.

We love the long-lasting-ness (is that a word?) that gives us a break from hair days for a few weeks.  We love the look of long straight hair for a fun change.  We love the ability to easily work in a splash of fun color.  We love the versatility of the style itself.  And with the flat twists on top, we love how the hair stays out of Violet’s face!


Here is our latest concoction:  Flat rope twists (a la Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care!) on the top, twists to her shoulder blades in the back and some fun colors thanks to the addition of variegated yarn mostly on her left side, a little on her right (Violet’s request).  This time, we used regular black yarn (instead of soft) and it made each strand thicker and a bit less like regular hair in the way it lays.  It does seem like the knots will hold though (unlike the soft yarn).

Violet was on cloud nine after reviewing her latest do in the mirror and decided that the theme for the mini-shoot would be “ballet”.  She danced through the whole thing…


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