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The Letter W

Really, the letter W was very good to us.  I had a sneaky suspicion it was going to be fun, what with whales, winter, the White House and water-related-items.  (As it turned out, it rained for a few days too – nice when the weather cooperates with our letter-of-the-week.)

A few favorites:

– W is for White Tanks – Our closest mountain range, the White Tanks are a favorite spot for us. We hiked on a few different days, explored the library at that location and (of course) visited the Nature Center each time.

– W is for Wild, Wild West – We had an absolute blast heading up to Wickenburg for a daytrip. We ate at a reknown Mexican restaurant and wandered the city, listening to the audio tour tidbits they had next to historical statues. We brought the encyclopedia along (of course) and learned a bit about the Oregon trail and the settlers that braved the West in their travels (while we munched on chips and salsa, naturally).

– W is for White House – In a completely random moment, Daniel asked me a question about the president which led to an internet search together that culminated in a mini unit on the White House and the previous presidents. All of them.

– W is for Winter – We experienced SOME winter-like weather over the past few weeks, but mostly we looked at photos of how other locations experience winter (and what we would see in Colorado the next week!)

– W is for Water Color Science – Daniel’s favorite part of the week, by far. We filled random test tubes and cups with colored water of various colors and let him mix and create. He called it “poison” and we called it “water with food coloring”.

– W is for Watercolor Painting – Violet spent a happy afternoon playing with her watercolor paints, rekindling her love of painting in general. (Daniel painted some with other paint, mostly mixing colors to see what happened…)

– W is for W Library Books – Our books this week were big hits, most notably “If Waffles Were Like Boys”, “Peter and the Wolf” (with family members voicing different characters), “What Animals Really Like”, “The Giant Wheel”, “Way Out in the Desert” and “Wild About Books”. And about ten others.

– W is for Walrus – We busted out an old favorite movie, Arctic Tale, which focuses on the real life experiences of a walrus family and a polar bear family. Fascinating, always.

– W is for Who What When Where Why – We played a simple game all week involving each family member selecting which “W” word they were going to play with, then trying to get the rest of us to guess the answer. “I’ll pick ‘Guess Where’ – This place is our favorite spot to go camping!” “Sedona?” “Yes!!”

– W is for Not-A-Lot-Of-Musical-Options – I’m sure I could have done better with this, but our “W” musical experiences mostly consisted of lots of The Who and a few days solid of Strauss Waltzes.


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