Daniel / Violet

Rainy Day Drama

Let me start by saying this:  We love rainy days.  This is probably true of most families who live in the desert, and it is especially true of mine.


This morning we woke to the beautiful sound of constant, steady rain and Violet was beyond thrilled about the prospect of playing in it.  Turns out, we don’t have ANY rain gear.  So, we did second best:  I layered her in multiple winter sweaters, pants and hats and simultaneously started a warm bath for her.  I figured that by the time the rain worked itself through her many layers, I’d strip her down and plunk her in the bath.  Good logic, right?

It would have been except that I started taking these REALLY CUTE PHOTOS of her playing in the rain.

IMG_3578  IMG_3588 IMG_3621  IMG_3601

They were so cute, they erased my memory and caused me to forget about the bath.  You know… the one that I had already started filling up.

My first thought when I saw the flooded bathroom was, “Oh, no!  The rain is leaking in!”  (Pretty sure this comes from growing up Chicago where the basement often flooded during a rain storm.)  My next thought was, “Oh no.  I did this.”

Fernando did his very best to keep from laughing at me as we threw every towel we own onto the bathroom floor.  Three loads of laundry later, I think we managed to avoid permanent damage.

We spent the rest of the day playing under umbrellas, splashing in parking lots, finding new ways to get our feet (read: Daniel’s feet) soaking wet at a friend’s birthday party and watching the raindrops race across the car windows as we drove home.

IMG_3839  IMG_3719

We really do love rainy days around here.


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