Hair / Violet

Rosette Style

Inspired (as usual) by my favorite natural hair care site, Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care, I decided to try out what is supposed to be a fairly quick and simple style that still looks elegant and formal:  Rosettes.


The pros:  It was relatively quick and easy to do.  It looks unique and beautiful, but is comfortable for play and sleep for a 3-year-old.

The cons:  This style went fuzzy on me nearly instantly.  Probably because the sections were so large and Violet has tons of new growth with various shorter lengths that like to sneak out of styles whenever possible.  I couldn’t get the sections to pull smoothly without using a rubber band, which I really didn’t want to do.  So they just were a bit looser.

In the future:  I’d use this immediately before a fancy occasion, but wouldn’t expect it to last a week.

In other news:  These photos are of Violet willingly posing for hair photos, but also catching sight of her own reflection in the backdoor.  She clearly loves the sight of herself…!


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