Daniel / Homeschool

Mixing Poison Potions

One of the best things we bought at the start of our homeschooling adventure was a set of two science kits made for kids.  We saw them at the convention and bought them on the spot.  The sets are comprised of a series of beakers, test tubes, measuring spoons and cups, eye droppers, magnifying glass, etc.  Just enough to let kids explore the world of chemistry and learn a few things while having fun.

During our “W” weeks, we did a bunch of experiments and games with water.  I created a few cups of the primary colors with food coloring and let the kids mix the secondary colors and then invent whatever concoctions they would like.  Daniel became more than a little obsessed and requested this activity every day for a week.

We read in one of his encyclopedias about a poisonous sea slug that has no natural defense mechanism so it gathers poison from other animals and uses the foreign poison as its own.  This concept stuck, apparently, as for a solid week Daniel insisted that he was gathering poisons from other animals and mixing up his own defense mechanism.  “Can I mix poisons now please?” became a daily question.

There are few things as fun as watching Daniel immerse himself into the world of science.  He is so at home there.


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