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The Thing About Bunk Beds

The kids didn’t always share a room.  For most of their little lives they have been in separate rooms, and have been perfectly happy that way.

As we began homeschooling a few months ago though, that changed.  Up from the village people arose  a new request:  To co-habitate.  To share space.  To join forces.  To defeat the Death Star.

We got some (relatively) small beds from IKEA that stack into bunks.  They also unstack in case we change our minds in the future (read:  if no one is getting any sleep).  We don’t do fancy bedding – it’s just randomly colored flat sheets with random blankets and pillows, most of which are usually off the bed and being used elsewhere in a fort.


Daniel sleeps up top and Violet is down below, but I imagine this will change as soon as she’s comfortable/able to climb up and down the ladder for 2 a.m. trips to the potty.  It makes me nervous to have the bigger kid up high (probably one of those irrational-mom fears… him crashing down on her… nothing logical I’m sure.)

I love tucking them in at the same time.

I love that they are learning to negotiate shared space (including a shared closet).

I love that they haven’t once asked to have their own rooms again.

I love that they whisper when they should be sleeping (even though I usually tell them to quit it).

I love that the bunk beds easily convert into a pirate ship/flying fort/whatever-we-need for the day.  Our favorite reading nook is tucked into the bottom bunk with blankets hung all around.

I love seeing Daniel’s head hanging upside down if I’m sitting with Violet. (The other day his head appeared from above and he said he needed to ask me a question.  After a moment of silence he declared that he used to have a question in his head but it must have fallen out since he was upside down!)


We are loving the bunk beds.  I secretly hope this phase lasts a long, long time.


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