Girls’ Date: Disney On Ice

It was high time Ms. Violet and I had a “date day”, and Fernando surprised us with the perfect excuse:  Disney on Ice tickets.


It was a first for both of us, and we got all dolled up for the occasion.  She (happily) picked out her Snow White dress and rejoiced every time she got glitter on me or anyone remotely close to her.  In fact, in the swarm of other princess-dress-clad little girls, I ran into one girl who was wearing the exact same dress.  I asked her mom, “Is your house covered in glitter?” and she replied immediately, “Totally.”  At least we aren’t alone in this.

We arrived late and snuck into our (first row!) seats in the middle of the first segment.  It featured a particularly intense portrayal of Princess and the Frog and Violet wound up in my lap where she stayed for the remainder of the show.  It was breathtaking to be so close to the ice skaters, and to see the special effects (they swung through the air on Rapunzel’s hair!).

We went out for lunch and ice cream afterwards, where Violet happily practiced her curtsy to any other table that would look her direction.

It was a tender afternoon together.  I love having her full attention just as much as she loves having mine, and the minutes we spend alone together are priceless.



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