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Mom Fail: D’s Restaurant

One of my goals since beginning homeschooling (heck, since becoming a mom) has been to really be available to the kids.  Not too preoccupied by my phone, or the computer, or my to do list to listen to what they are saying.  I want to be willing and able to stop what I’m doing to join a game of ninja/dragon/princess when I’m invited.

This, my friends, is not as easy a task as it sounds.

I tend to function in ten (mental) places at once – my brain has a very difficult time focusing on just one thing.  It also has a very hard time letting something interrupt it’s current train of thought.  It also has a difficult time playing a game of pretend when there are floors to mop or photos to edit.  And really, when aren’t there photos to edit.

So here’s the “mom fail” part of all of this.  Last week when I put Violet down for a nap, I pulled down a set of play food for Daniel to play with while I caught up on a few emails.  He was calling me from the kitchen, and I could hear things being moved around.  But I got caught up in the world of email and didn’t leave my post.  About twenty minutes later I realized that he had given up asking me to come in and was just quiet.  I headed into the kitchen and nearly burst into tears on the spot…

Daniel had created a date lunch for the two of us, since Violet was asleep.  He had fashioned a table cloth out of an old blanket, created custom made sandwiches for each of us (along with a real food snack, too), brought flowers in a vase, places for us to sit and even assigned us a table number (which he had seen at our cousin’s wedding recently).

He was just sitting there, patiently waiting for me to join him on our date.

After collecting the pieces of my heart, I apologized to him and sat down to the most thoughtfully planned lunch I had ever experienced.

And I vowed once again (as I do every time) to not let this happen again.


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