Undercover Grown Up

Daniel is suddenly fixated with acting like a grown-up.  I’d like to blame Home Alone and that very catchy little montage that happens right after Kevin discovers he is alone, but the reality is that he IS in a bit of a “growing up” spurt.

He learned to tie his own shoes, and does so with gusto.  (“Just like a grown up!” he says.)

He requested his first “alone” shower, but asked me first to teach him how to wash his own hair so he could do it “just like a grown up”.  Per his request, I sat outside the glass doors and talked him through the hair washing.  I will never forget watching him scrub his hair, soap everywhere, eyes squeezed shut, but smiling huge and yelling, “Just like a grown-up!”.

He occasionally likes to disguise himself as a grown up when we go out, but makes me promise not to tell anyone who he REALLY is.  He wears one of Fernando’s hats, his new spy watch and whatever clothes look the most like a grown up to him that day.

Little man will be six in a few months and I am not ready.  Truth be told, I am never ready for milestones.



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