Dayquil and Pet Peeves

After Christmas, something new happened in the Amaro house – something that has never happened before.  Hence the word “new”, I suppose.  All four of us were down for the count with a nasty cold virus… at the same time.

Suffice it to say that the house overflowed with old tissues, sticky medication cups, dried up tea bags and piles of undone laundry and dishes.  We were a miserable mess.

To cope with our extreme levels of misery, we watched more than our fair share of movies (while draped over the couch, in various listless positions).  And because I was not in a photo-taking-kind-of-mood, you’ll now have to endure a photo of the remote.  Taken at some random time after the fact.


And during that time of back-to-back movies, we noticed something amusing:  Daniel is unable to be silent during a movie.  He absolutely HAS to talk.  Ask questions.  Point out details.  Compare it to other movies.  Non.  Stop.

Anyone want to guess what Fernando’s #1 pet peeve is?

We had noticed Daniel’s habit before, but it reached unparalleled levels during our Amaro-sick-fest-2012.  At one point, I tried to wear Daniel down by asking HIM nonstop questions, but it didn’t even phase him.  He answered them as quickly as I could ask them.

Fernando, defeated already by the cold that wouldn’t quit, was at his wits’ end with the barrage of questions.  He finally declared to no one in particular, “Curiosity didn’t kill the curious cat.  It killed the other cat sitting next to him during a movie.”

We eventually all got better.  The dayquil was put away, the movie-marathon stopped for a while, we began showering again and resumed all the regular hygiene routines that get put on hold during sickness.

The one thing that didn’t stop?  Daniel’s question-asking habit.  I have a good feeling this isn’t a passing fad – all cats (curious and otherwise) should prepare themselves for a future full of mid-plot questions.


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