Daniel / Violet

Christmas 2012: Snow White and her Spy

Christmas Day came and went (as it tends to do) with lots of laughter, family jokes, big hugs, silly photos, piles of wrapping paper and way too much amazing food.  I won’t replay every single detail (you’re welcome) but it was a wonderful, peaceful, memorable occasion.  Here are a few of the highlights…

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– Cooking our traditional Pull Apart Cake breakfast on Christmas morning with Daniel by my side, helping each step of the way.

– Heading to Urgent Care on Christmas Eve with strep throat.  (But still having the whole family come over, undeterred by my germs!)

– The look of elation on Violet’s face when she opened her Boxcar Children books… “I have always wanted the Boxcar Children!!!”

– Daniel’s excitement over his new spy gear – and the sweet sight of him in spy gear, protecting “his princess”.  (Violet as Snow White!)

– The campfire on Christmas Eve… singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer with Violet and changing the lyrics to make her mad.  (“Violet the red nosed reindeer”… “I am NOT a reindeer!!  I do NOT have a red nose!!”)

– Watching the kids wake Mema and Papa up on their cots in the dining room… and watching the immediate joy in their eyes (even after being woken up!)

– Getting a new iPad from “The Students and the PTA of the Amaro Academy”.

– The lazy afternoon that consisted mostly of a bunch of grown-ups working really hard to assemble Daniel’s new Ninjago toy.

– The sweet, relaxing peace that fills our home when it’s full of memories in the making… I just love hosting Christmas.


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