Daniel / Violet

A Fort, Decorated

Imagine this:  It’s Christmas Eve and you and your spouse have a little last minute wrapping to do.  Alone.  Without little inquiring eyes watching.  So, to distract the owners of the inquiring eyes, you hand them a pack of Christmas stickers to take into the other room.  Your spouse says, “You can decorate for Christmas while Mommy and I wrap a few more things!”

Thirty minutes pass.

The owners of the inquiring eyes knock on the door and squeal with excitement – “Come see our decorations!  Close your eyes and hold my hand!”

You follow your child into the living room, eyes still closed, as he pulls you into the fort that has taken up residency around the dining room tables.

He can hardly contain his excitement as he declares, “Now!!  You can look NOW!”

You open your eyes and try to process what has just happened.


Your children have decorated for Christmas, all right.  All over your dining room tables.  Under nooks and crannies you didn’t know existed.

And while you are processing, this sweet face is peering up at you, waiting for some kind of praise…


So, you do the only reasonable thing there is to do.  You praise him.  And you thank him for so thoughtfully adding to the festive decorations.  And you decide to just go with it, since the company will be here within a few hours.


By the time you notice the other side of the table, you have calmed down and are actually a bit impressed with the thoroughness of the design.

Merry Christmas Eve… from two little decorating elves and their unsuspecting parents!


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