Christmas on Stage


Violet is a born performer.  She delights in an audience, no matter what she is doing.  Needless to say, she has been looking forward to the Christmas show for weeks, practicing her singing and choreography at home.  Daniel politely opted out, choosing to sit with me instead and cheer for his little sister.

Due to the special occasion, we splurged and bought a beautiful gold dress at H&M (her favorite part was the black tights!) and we spent a while researching and executing the biggest fro possible.  She loved her beautiful, big hair and the poinsettias we clipped in.

The weekend of the performance, she was involved in two musical numbers.  One was an entrance and start to the weekend service, where the kids ran in with streamers, dancing to “Rejoice, it’s Christmas!” and danced their way to the stage.  It was precious to watch the older kids help Violet run down the aisle, and then watch her fascination with the red streamer.  The next number was a cute version of Jingle Bells in the middle of the service, led by Fernando who couldn’t keep his eyes off his adorable little daughter.  I don’t blame them.  She boogied down with all the dance moves and invented a few of her own.

By the fourth service though, my little Diana Ross was pooped out.  “Mommy, can we please please go home now?  I changed my mind about being in the Christmas show.”  Honestly, I think the whole thing was just a bit overwhelming – largely due to the barrage of attention she received from every person we passed.  At some point, I suppose it’s exhausting to be told you are beautiful, right?  🙂

IMG_6163 IMG_6216


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