Hair / Violet

The Big Fro (and Banding)

We have been looking forward to trying this style for months, and decided to do it for the big Christmas performance at church.  I did far too much research as the date grew closer and instead of using heat to straighten her curls, we decided to use banding and a gentle brush.


First, we washed, detangled and separated into sections for banding (a gentle stretching technique I read about here).  Personally, I loved the look of the bands and thought Violet could pull this look off as a style all it’s own!


After at least 24 hours (maybe more?) we took the bands out, making sure the hair was totally dry.  I used a Tangle Teezer to gently brush through each section (so slowly!) and let it expand to it’s full length.  The curl didn’t go away completely, and the first day the fro looked a little thin.  The next day it was fuller and by the third day it was extremely full (I should have waited until then to do photos!)


We didn’t let the fro stay a full week, on day three I re-parted and cornrowed for Christmas week.  We needed no hassle/protected hair so we could turn our attention to the holidays.

We loved the fro.  It was gorgeous.  Absolutely my favorite look on her so far – it brought out her sass and I-know-I’m-beautiful tendencies.  I only wish it was healthier/safer to leave it this way for long stretches of time!


Ok fine. One more photo. This one was snapped right before we “put the fro away” with cornrows. And I just love it. And her.



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