Daniel / Homeschool

Lego Luv

… or “Why I’d Let My Kid Play Legos All Day, Every Day”.

We love legos.  With a passion.  And not just for their entertainment value.

Daniel and I have spent many a quiet afternoon hours (specifically: the ones in which Violet is supposedly napping) lost in a world of lego imagination.  We build ships.  We build armies.  We build families.  We build entire worlds.


I’m sure studies have been done on the value of lego-play (and I know studies have been done on the benefits of PLAY in general) but setting all that aside, here’s what I see in my own son’s lego time:

-It’s an arena where he can work out the things he is learning in OTHER areas of his day.

-It’s a place where spacial mathematical concepts are not only helpful, they are necessary.

-It’s a way for him to experiment with patterns, structure, symmetry, competition and logic – on his own terms.

-It’s a way for him to act out various personality types and traits, allowing them to make mistakes and experience consequences.

-It’s still his favorite thing to do, his default “go to” in terms of free play, only rivaled by drawing/coloring.

It’s why, “Mommy, will you play legos with me?” is music to my ears.


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