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Fire + Police = Fun

Part of our little unit on the letter H involved the word “help” – and a few of the many people who help out in our community on a regular basis.  We baked cookies and wrote notes to deliver to the Surprise Fire and Police Departments.  (We also baked a batch for the church staff – they do HUGE things in our community and besides, who doesn’t need a few extra cookies this time of year?)

Daniel was careful to make each note of thanks individualized to the department.  In related news:  I hope the police officers that saw this don’t recognize my minivan from the drawing.  Because I’m fairly certain this drawing came out of Daniel’s memory store of real life experiences.  Ahem.


With our tins of gingerbread, chocolate chip and sugar cookies in hand, we set out to deliver our goods, completely unaware of just how much fun it would be.

The first stop was the police station, where a uniformed officer came out to receive the gift AND give the kiddos sticker police badges.  They were elated at receiving a gift, but even more from the verbal thanks from the officer.

Next stop:  Fire department.  Again, a uniformed fire fighter came out and talked to the kids a while.  Daniel was on cloud nine, especially when he and Violet were given little fire helmets. He was absolutely beaming.

We didn’t even make it back to the car before they wanted to play with their new gear, so we had to do some robber-stopping-fire-extinguishing play right there in the courtyard.  (And then another officer stopped by and gave them more sticker badges!)

The fire/police play continued at home for a while and we may or may not have hosed off the tree house in an effort to save it from total destruction by imaginary fire.

I’m thinking we have just found ourselves a new Christmas tradition!


Update from January 2013:  The police sent a personalized thank you note for the cookies to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Violet Amaro!  Such a sweet response.  


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