Daniel / Violet

An Early Christmas Moment

Christmas season in the Amaro house starts the second we start playing Christmas music.  It might be August, it might be early December.  This year, it happened somewhere in mid-November.  Our tree has been up for a few weeks, Christmas music has been playing (pretty much non-stop) since before Thanksgiving.

But today was the first “Christmas magic” kind of moment.  It happened late in the afternoon, when I SHOULD have been preparing dinner, doing laundry, erasing the signs of the daily tornado that goes through our home before Fernando came home… but Violet was still sleepy from her nap.  And as such, was super cuddly.  (There isn’t a person alive who can resist cuddling with a sleepy Violet – I’ll bet my life on it.)

We turned all the lights off, turned the tree on, turned up the music a bit and laid on the carpet by the tree.  I took my glasses off, snuggled up with one sweet 3-year-old and let myself get lost in the beauty of our tree and the sweetness of the moment.  Daniel laid close by, telling us Christmas stories (having nothing to do with Christmas whatsoever) while we dozed lazily by the tree.

It was perfect.



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