Hair / Violet

Pigtail Puffs: Big Hair Practice

This style BEGAN as practice for our Big.Hair.Weekend. later this month, but it ended up being a style that tops of the lists of favorites.  Intricate, playful and extraordinarily sassy, this style is Violet to a T.  (Or to a tee… I never understood that expression…)IMG_5291

I needed some cornrowing practice, so we did the front half of her hair in cornrows that moved towards her face (cute AND extremely protective of her hairline).  I kept the braids out of her eyes by cornrowing them into one large braid off to the side of her head.  The furthest two braids on each size were cornrowed toward the back of her head, and incorporated into each corresponding puff.

The back section was divided into two puffs and banded overnight.  The next day the bands were removed and the sections were expanded to their full size with my fingers and a little help from the Tangle Teezer.  Violet LOVED this style.

Upkeep was easy, a little spray and leave-in for the braids, and nightly banding for the puffs.  I added a bit of coconut oil to my hands each time I puffed them back up to their biggest size (but never added water or moisturizer, as this would have made them shrink back down).

I can’t wait to try this technique on her WHOLE head in a few weeks!


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